The Children’s Organization of Courage is a charity founded in 2003 in Zagreb, and since 2016 in Varaždin.

udruga duh

We help disadvantaged young people and those with disabilities.

We are working hard to strengthen the independence and self-confidence of our young people with disabilities through a variety of fun and educational activities organized during the year.


Our main activity is the pilgrimage to Lourdes

The most important activity of our organization is going on a great international pilgrimage to Lourdes. Every year in Lourdes we meet a large number of young people with disabilities from similar organizations from around the world.

udruga duh
udruga duh

Activities in Zagreb and Varaždin

During the year, DUH organizes and promotes meetings and gatherings, charity concerts, tours and pilgrimages for young people. We inform the public about our work, strengthen cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad, and collect funds for the pilgrimages to Lourdes.


We are financed exclusively by donations

Children’s Organization of Courage is financed exclusively by donations. The volunteers themselves pay much of their costs for a pilgrimage to Lourdes. We depend on your help and generosity.

udruga duh
udruga duh

We are all volunteers

All members of the organization are volunteers, meaning they do not receive any compensation for their work. Volunteers invest their free time, knowledge, love and patience for the benefit of these deserving young people.